Ms. Nina Visits an Airplane Boneyard

Ms. Nina got to experience what will likely be one of many trips to an airplane boneyard while visiting her father currently stationed in Arizona. While she had to see it from behind fences, she was able to see multiple different types of Boeing 747s, including the DreamLifter, 777s, 737s, E-145s, E-175s and helicopters such at the Bell AH-1 Cobra and Bell OH-58A. She was most excited to see the airplane missing parts. “I want to see the airplane with no wheels!”

Dinner at The Hangar Restaurant

Ms. Nina Thinks She’s an Airplane and Decided to Practice her Crash Landings

Ms. Nina was supposed to co-pilot the SR22 to Albert Whitted Field (SPG) in St. Petersburg, FL to have dinner with Grampa Henry. Unfortunately typical Florida afternoon thunderstorms were rolling in so she decided to drive instead. When she arrived, Ms. Nina pretended she was an airplane and wanted to practice her “crash landings”. She made Mommy join in too.

Sun ‘n Fun 2022

The #USAFThunderbirds perform at #SNF22

Ms. Nina enjoyed four days of Sun ‘n Fun 2022. She made lots of friends and gave many tours of a UH-60 MEDEVAC Blackhawk. She learned to identify all of the different US Army helicopters, some airplanes, seaplanes, and civilian helicopters. She watched the USAF Thunderbirds perform, ran (stroller) the Sun ‘n Run 5K, attended the #WomenInAviation booth, took a few naps, watched a STOL competition, and went swimming in a pool. She is looking forward to going back again next year.

First Visit to the National Air & Space Museum Udvar Hazy Center

Piper J-3 Cub at the National Air & Space Museum Udvar Hazy Ce

Ms. Nina has been planning a visit to the National Air & Space Museum Udvar Hazy Center since the day she was born and on October 10, 2021, she finally got to make the trip. (The center was closed for way too long due to COVID-19.) She had a great time and really took an interest in the Space Shuttle program, but also hasn’t forgotten her favorite airplane – the Piper J-3 Cub.

Who needs a playground when we can watch airplanes?

Ms. Nina goes to the playground and decides to watch airplanes instead of play.

Ms. Nina insists on going to the playground. But when she gets there, it happens to be right under the intermediate fix for Runway 10 at BWI; and BWI is conducting eastbound operations. Ms. Nina would rather identify 737s and Airbuses as they approach than play on the playground. #WeLuvSouthwest

Ms. Nina’s First Flight in a Single-Engine Jet

Ms. Nina rode first class in a Cirrus Vision Jet to FL on May 06, 2021 and to MD on May 10, 2021. She is still building up the courage to sit in the front seat and wiggle the sticks.

Sun ‘N Fun 2021

Ms. Nina attends three days of Sun ‘N Fun 2021. She tours multiple military aircraft, watches the Blue Angels and F-22 Raptor, learns to ride a bicycle, plays with other children, runs a 5K, watches a STOL competition, meets lots of new people, and most importantly, spends lots of time with her senior co-pilot.

Reinforced Cockpit Doors

In order to comply with Part 121 regulations, Ms. Nina is flying aircraft with reinforced cockpit doors.

The pilot on the airplane says, “Move on back Move on back. Move on back.” The pilot on the airplane says “Move on back.” All through the town.

Nina Learns About Gliders

Nina learns about the flight controls on a Schweizer 2-33 glider.

While she didn’t get to go fly in one just yet, today Ms. Nina learned about the flight controls in a glider. A glider is just an airplane with no engine. When she gets older, Ms. Nina is going to join Mid-Atlantic Soaring Association and earn her glider ratings.