Ms. Nina is Interested in the International Space Station and Tries Space Ice Cream

Ms. Nina started watching YouTube videos about the International Space Station. During the video, the host talked about dehydrated food. Ms. Nina wanted to try dehydrated food. So she made a deal with her Abba: If she could have a good week at home and at school for a whole week, her Abba would order her space ice cream to eat on Friday.

December 30, 2023: Nina watches YouTube videos about the International Space Station (ISS)
January 06, 2024: Nina tries space ice cream

Ms. Nina Watches Fly Away Home

Nina and her Abba first watched this movie when Nina was only one month old – before her Abba left for Iraq. She didn’t quite understand it when she was that young, but now she’s watching it again as a five-year-old. It’s a great movie about a father and daughter bonding over their love for aviation.

Ms. Nina grades landings at ANP

October 10, 2023: Lee Annapolis Airport (ANP)

Ms. Nina takes an impromptu trip to Lee Annapolis Airport to grade landings on the short runway. Runway 30 (pictured above) is 2,505 feet long with a 326 foot displaced threshold, leaving 2,179 feet of usable landing distance available. Ms. Nina asked, “What is a good landing?” Her father answered, “One that lands with a “chirp-chirp”. My landings here always land with a ‘thud’.”

Ms. Nina Visits Lee Annapolis Airport (ANP)

Ms. Nina visits Lee Annapolis Airport (ANP) to watch airplanes takeoff and land and to watch her father depart in his SR22 to commute to his full-time job flying an Airbus A320. While she is at ANP, she visits an old airplane that may never fly again: “Little Blue”. While Ms. Nina never flew in Little Blue, her father did once several years ago. She had lots of questions about why Little Blue was missing its wings and why it will never fly again.

Ms. Nina Tries Out for an ENG Job

Most news stations in major markets have a helicopter to gather video footage. This is known as Electronic News Gathering (ENG). Ms. Nina is trying out for an ENG job. When she showed up to the airport, she got a call to go report on a car crash. Here she is, quickly flying to the scene of the crash.

Nina Airlines

Ms. Nina not only flies airplanes, but she also designs them and puts them to work in her own airlines. Enter Nina Airlines. In this exclusive interview, Ms. Nina discusses the design of the livery and choice to go with a high-wing as opposed to a mid-wing or low-wing design.