Ms. Nina’s First Flight in a Single-Engine Jet

Ms. Nina rode first class in a Cirrus Vision Jet to FL on May 06, 2021 and to MD on May 10, 2021. She is still building up the courage to sit in the front seat and wiggle the sticks.

Sun ‘N Fun 2021

Ms. Nina attends three days of Sun ‘N Fun 2021. She tours multiple military aircraft, watches the Blue Angels and F-22 Raptor, learns to ride a bicycle, plays with other children, runs a 5K, watches a STOL competition, meets lots of new people, and most importantly, spends lots of time with her senior co-pilot.

Ms. Nina Encounters Moderate Icing

Cirrus SR22 (FIKI equipped) Flight en route from Maryland to Florida

Ms. Nina was the junior co-pilot on a FIKI-equipped SR22 flight en route from Maryland to Florida on February 12, 2021. About 30 minutes into the flight, the aircraft started accreting ice on the wing that wouldn’t shed. She and her pilot discussed the possible consequences and decided to return to Maryland and land rather than continue the mission. All three persons and the SR22 made it on the ground safely.

Safety is Ms. Nina’s #1 Priority

Feb 09, 2021: SWA3959 TPA-BWI

Ms. Nina is doing her passenger duties by reviewing the safety information card in the seat back pocket in front of her. She knows that the #1 priority in aviation is SAFETY! She explains proper use of oxygen masks, life jackets, emergency exits, and life rafts.

Nina Learns About Gliders

Nina learns about the flight controls on a Schweizer 2-33 glider.

While she didn’t get to go fly in one just yet, today Ms. Nina learned about the flight controls in a glider. A glider is just an airplane with no engine. When she gets older, Ms. Nina is going to join Mid-Atlantic Soaring Association and earn her glider ratings.