Ms. Nina Tries Out for an ENG Job

Most news stations in major markets have a helicopter to gather video footage. This is known as Electronic News Gathering (ENG). Ms. Nina is trying out for an ENG job. When she showed up to the airport, she got a call to go report on a car crash. Here she is, quickly flying to the scene of the crash.

Nina Airlines

Ms. Nina not only flies airplanes, but she also designs them and puts them to work in her own airlines. Enter Nina Airlines. In this exclusive interview, Ms. Nina discusses the design of the livery and choice to go with a high-wing as opposed to a mid-wing or low-wing design.

Ms. Nina’s Aviation Adventures in Atlanta

Ms. Nina had quite the aviation adventure during a family trip to Atlanta for Passover this year. She flew on the Airbus A320 series on Spirit Airlines between BWI and ATL. While in Atlanta, she visited Peachtree Dekalb Airport (PDK) twice for lunch and after-dinner drinks at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant, where she got to watch airplanes takeoff and land right next to the runway.

Another Two Boeing B737 Flights

By now, Ms. Nina is almost five years old and riding as a passenger on a Boeing B737 is old news. Hopefully soon she will be up front flying this machine. Or maybe move onto the Airbus A320 series.

Ms. Nina Searches for *** ******

December 1, 2022: SWA3391 BWI-SRQ

Ms. Nina knows all about the TERPZ7 departure. She knows that it takes her more or less straight over *** ******. So even in the dark of night, Ms. Nina insisted on looking out the window to try to find *** ****** from 11,000 feet up.

Ms. Nina Visits the College Park Aviation Museum

Ms. Nina finds the Piper J-3 Cub

While Abba was out flying a charter, Ms. Nina took her Mommy to visit the College Park Aviation Museum. Oh boy was it an adventure! So much to see and do and learn. Ms. Nina started by finding the airplane that looked like hers (a yellow Piper Cub). Then she practiced flying a Cub on a flight simulator. It didn’t go so well. Then she taught her friend, Atara, how to fly. Then the two of them made little paper airplanes and learned all about lift. Then she learned how to hand-prop a wooden propeller. (This will be a useful skill when she gets a little older and learns to hand-prop her own 1946 Piper J-3 Cub.)

Ms. Nina learns how to hand-prop an propeller.
Ms. Nina flies a Flight Simulator
Ms. Nina learns about lift.

Ms. Nina Jumps in Eagle 3

Ms. Nina Sits in Eagle 3

Ms. Nina was very excited to visit the US Park Police Aviation hangar. She got to see both the Eagle 1, a Bell B-412 (“the Big One”) and Eagle 3, a Bell B-206L3 (“the Little One”). As you know, often times Ms. Nina is afraid to sit in the front seat of any aircraft. Not today! She was very excited to sit in the front seat of the Little One.