Flight Home from Tampa Bay Air Fest

After a long and busy weekend in Florida working the Tampa Bay Air Fest at Macdill AFB (shown in background), Ms. Nina is ready to go home and see her Mommy. On final approach for Runway 33L at BWI Airport, Ms. Nina got to see an aerial view of the hospital she was born at, ironically enough, the same weekend as the Tampa Bay Air Fest 2018.

Tampa Bay Air Fest 2022

Ms. Nina worked the three-day-long Tampa Bay Air Fest 2022. This was the same air show that her father missed four years ago due to her untimely birth and was cancelled two years ago due to COVID. Ms. Nina made up for it though with a strong work ethic all weekend. She did all the heavy lifting and there were virtually no tears. She event got o play with her friends and meet a few new ones.

Nina’s First Flight in the Front of a Helicopter

Ms. Nina had quite the flying adventure today. She was a passenger in a Cirrus SR22 en route from BWI to GAI to PNE. She got a good nap on the flight. That’s when the real adventure began. Ms. Nina took her first flight in the front seat of a Bell B-206L4 LongRanger en route from PNE to FME. She got to see both Philadelphia and Baltimore by air at 1,000 feet. She was scared at first but then when her pilot explained that she needed to sit with a grown-up and that there were no grown-ups in the back, she was very brave and agreed to sit in the front seat.

Ms. Nina Loves the Boeing 737

Feb. 11, 2022: SWA1912 BWI-FLL

When a commercial airliner flies overhead, if you ask Ms. Nina what kind of airplane it is, she will say, “A 737!” Now given her proximity to one of Southwest Airlines’s largest hubs, there’s a pretty good chance she’s right. But even with her vast knowledge of Boeing aircraft, Ms. Nina always makes sure to study up on the emergency procedures before every flight.

Ms. Nina’s First Class Ticket

Jan. 07, 2022: AA4601 DCA-MEM

Ms. Nina enjoys her first time in First Class on an American Eagle flight (operated by Republic Airline) en route from DCA to MEM for a Bar Mitzvah. She was very quiet and respectful of the other passengers on this late-evening flight. Thank you to all of the employees of Republic Airline who made this happen.

In-Trail Spacing

Ms. Nina is adjusting to some of the pitfall of the “jet lifestyle”. This time she is subject to a 1+ hour ground delay while waiting for in-trail spacing of 50 NM between departures out of SRQ. When her pilot suggested that they could depart VFR, the tower controller reminded him that he might be subject to delay vectors or being held at piston altitudes for the entire flight.