Nina’s First Long Flight With Just Abba

Ms. Nina is managing the power-lever on a 2021 Cirrus SR22-G6.

This was Nina’s first flight with just Abba. On a flight from Maryland to Florida for an Army weekend, she was a great passenger and co-pilot! She took a little nap en route and after she was well-rested, she jumped in to help fly.

Ms. Nina Reviews the Safety Information Card

Oct. 24, 2021: SWA1944 TPA-BWI

This is just another routine trip on Southwest Airlines for Ms. Nina, but she always takes the time to review the Safety Information Card in the seat-back pocket in front of her. She does question, however, why the flight attendants need to specify “tampering, disabling, or destroying the smoke detector”, because everyone knows that “disabling” and “destroying” are still considered “tampering”.

Before Start Checks in a UH-60L Helicopter

Ms. Nina Learns About the UH-60L Helicopter

Ms. Nina knows that the Before Start Checklist in the UH-60L helicopter can be overwhelming and can take new pilots upwards of 30 minutes just to get the helicopter started. She is practicing early, starting with “Circuit Breakers and Switches – CHECK AND SET”.

First Visit to the National Air & Space Museum Udvar Hazy Center

Piper J-3 Cub at the National Air & Space Museum Udvar Hazy Ce

Ms. Nina has been planning a visit to the National Air & Space Museum Udvar Hazy Center since the day she was born and on October 10, 2021, she finally got to make the trip. (The center was closed for way too long due to COVID-19.) She had a great time and really took an interest in the Space Shuttle program, but also hasn’t forgotten her favorite airplane – the Piper J-3 Cub.

Who needs a playground when we can watch airplanes?

Ms. Nina goes to the playground and decides to watch airplanes instead of play.

Ms. Nina insists on going to the playground. But when she gets there, it happens to be right under the intermediate fix for Runway 10 at BWI; and BWI is conducting eastbound operations. Ms. Nina would rather identify 737s and Airbuses as they approach than play on the playground. #WeLuvSouthwest