Ms. Nina Visits an Airplane Boneyard

Ms. Nina got to experience what will likely be one of many trips to an airplane boneyard while visiting her father currently stationed in Arizona. While she had to see it from behind fences, she was able to see multiple different types of Boeing 747s, including the DreamLifter, 777s, 737s, E-145s, E-175s and helicopters such at the Bell AH-1 Cobra and Bell OH-58A. She was most excited to see the airplane missing parts. “I want to see the airplane with no wheels!”

Tampa Bay Air Fest 2022

Ms. Nina worked the three-day-long Tampa Bay Air Fest 2022. This was the same air show that her father missed four years ago due to her untimely birth and was cancelled two years ago due to COVID. Ms. Nina made up for it though with a strong work ethic all weekend. She did all the heavy lifting and there were virtually no tears. She event got o play with her friends and meet a few new ones.

Before Start Checks in a UH-60L Helicopter

Ms. Nina Learns About the UH-60L Helicopter

Ms. Nina knows that the Before Start Checklist in the UH-60L helicopter can be overwhelming and can take new pilots upwards of 30 minutes just to get the helicopter started. She is practicing early, starting with “Circuit Breakers and Switches – CHECK AND SET”.

Sun ‘N Fun 2021

Ms. Nina attends three days of Sun ‘N Fun 2021. She tours multiple military aircraft, watches the Blue Angels and F-22 Raptor, learns to ride a bicycle, plays with other children, runs a 5K, watches a STOL competition, meets lots of new people, and most importantly, spends lots of time with her senior co-pilot.