Ms. Nina’s Flight to the Desert

September 03, 2022: SWA3589 BWI-PHX

It’s been several months since Ms. Nina’s last commercial flight, but that didn’t make her anything less of a great passenger. This time she traveled out to Arizona to visit her father who is stationed out there with the US Army National Guard. Several times in the days leading up to the flight, and even after she arrived, Ms. Nina asked, “Why are we taking the 737? Why aren’t we taking my yellow Cub?” We had to explain to Ms. Nina that it would probably be quicker to drive a car to Arizona than it would to fly the Cub.

Nina and Abba’s Florida Adventure

Apr 30, 2022: SWA6596 BWI-TPA

This could have been the flight from hell. We were delayed 2 hours and 27 minutes departing out of BWI and then after landing at TPA, we were delayed on the ramp, unable to deplane for an additional 2 hours and 22 minutes. Ms. Nina could have kicked and screamed the entire time. But instead, while we were still at BWI, she opted to chase and flirt with boys all around the terminal, and when we landed at TPA, she made smoothies in her sippy cup. Southwest made it right though – two $100 LUV vouchers for our trouble. 🙂

Ms. Nina makes a smoothy on a Southwest flight

Flight Home from Tampa Bay Air Fest

After a long and busy weekend in Florida working the Tampa Bay Air Fest at Macdill AFB (shown in background), Ms. Nina is ready to go home and see her Mommy. On final approach for Runway 33L at BWI Airport, Ms. Nina got to see an aerial view of the hospital she was born at, ironically enough, the same weekend as the Tampa Bay Air Fest 2018.

Ms. Nina Loves the Boeing 737

Feb. 11, 2022: SWA1912 BWI-FLL

When a commercial airliner flies overhead, if you ask Ms. Nina what kind of airplane it is, she will say, “A 737!” Now given her proximity to one of Southwest Airlines’s largest hubs, there’s a pretty good chance she’s right. But even with her vast knowledge of Boeing aircraft, Ms. Nina always makes sure to study up on the emergency procedures before every flight.

Ms. Nina’s First Class Ticket

Jan. 07, 2022: AA4601 DCA-MEM

Ms. Nina enjoys her first time in First Class on an American Eagle flight (operated by Republic Airline) en route from DCA to MEM for a Bar Mitzvah. She was very quiet and respectful of the other passengers on this late-evening flight. Thank you to all of the employees of Republic Airline who made this happen.

Ms. Nina Reviews the Safety Information Card

Oct. 24, 2021: SWA1944 TPA-BWI

This is just another routine trip on Southwest Airlines for Ms. Nina, but she always takes the time to review the Safety Information Card in the seat-back pocket in front of her. She does question, however, why the flight attendants need to specify “tampering, disabling, or destroying the smoke detector”, because everyone knows that “disabling” and “destroying” are still considered “tampering”.