Ms. Nina Tours New York City by Air

Ms. Nina got to go on another helicopter adventure today. She got to fly a Bell B-206L4 from Linden, NJ (LDJ) to Boston, MA (BVY). En route, she flew up the New York Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) – the Hudson River corridor. She flew by the Verrazano Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower, Central Park, her mommy’s old apartment, and the George Washington Bridge.

SR22 Flight to Maryland

Ms. Nina learns about the primary flight controls.

Ms. Nina takes a brief lesson in basic flight controls – learning about how the yoke controls the ailerons and elevator in a Cirrus SR22. Then she takes a nap. She was a great passenger and co-pilot for the entire 6.6 hour flight.

This flight is en route from Venice, FL (VNC) to St. Petersburg, FL (PIE) to Claxton, GA (CWV) to Gaithersburg, MD (GAI).

All this flight training has worn Ms. Nina out. Time for a nap.

SR22 Flight to Florida

Ms. Nina stretching her legs during a fuel stop in Maxton, NC.

Ms. Nina was a great passenger on a family trip to Florida. She didn’t spend any time up front, but she was still a pleasure to have on board. We stopped for fuel in Maxton, NC (MEB) and then in Gainsville, FL (GNV) to drop off Lori’s friend, before reaching our final destination of Venice, FL (VNC). The aircraft is a Cirrus SR22, N523RS.

Round-Trip Cirrus Vision Jet Maintenance Flights

Today, Ms. Nina had the opportunity to fly round-trip in a Cirrus Vision Jet (SF50) from Gaithersburg, MD (GAI) to Owensboro, KY (OWB) and back. It included a stop-over in Knoxville, TN (TYS) – home of the Cirrus Vision Center. Unfortunately, last night, Ms. Nina was bitten up by many mosquito bites and subsequently spent the entire night scratching them and not sleeping. She was not a happy passenger today. The flight to OWB was in N10RS. The return flight was in N99CV.

Flight Home from Sun ‘n Fun 2022

Apr. 10, 2022: SR22 flight in N523RS VDF-ACQ-GAI

Ms. Nina flies a 2021 Cirrus SR22-G6 home from her adventure at Sun ‘n Fun. Florida Baby (seen on the dashboard) is her co-pilot. During the flight, Ms. Nina learns about changing frequencies on the Garmin Perspective Avionics package. She already knows how to use flight controls, such as the side-stick yoke and power-lever. She also knows about all of the major parts of an airplane (wings, elevator, rudder, propeller, and wheels).

Nina’s First Flight in the Front of a Helicopter

Ms. Nina had quite the flying adventure today. She was a passenger in a Cirrus SR22 en route from BWI to GAI to PNE. She got a good nap on the flight. That’s when the real adventure began. Ms. Nina took her first flight in the front seat of a Bell B-206L4 LongRanger en route from PNE to FME. She got to see both Philadelphia and Baltimore by air at 1,000 feet. She was scared at first but then when her pilot explained that she needed to sit with a grown-up and that there were no grown-ups in the back, she was very brave and agreed to sit in the front seat.

In-Trail Spacing

Ms. Nina is adjusting to some of the pitfall of the “jet lifestyle”. This time she is subject to a 1+ hour ground delay while waiting for in-trail spacing of 50 NM between departures out of SRQ. When her pilot suggested that they could depart VFR, the tower controller reminded him that he might be subject to delay vectors or being held at piston altitudes for the entire flight.

Nina’s First Long Flight With Just Abba

Ms. Nina is managing the power-lever on a 2021 Cirrus SR22-G6.

This was Nina’s first flight with just Abba. On a flight from Maryland to Florida for an Army weekend, she was a great passenger and co-pilot! She took a little nap en route and after she was well-rested, she jumped in to help fly.